This past weekend:

I got a lot of sun on my face. We park-hopped, drank our fav summertime lemonade drinks, hiked around, and had yummy dinners at several restaurants.

Untitled design K and I took the doggo to Sunnybrook Park. That one hill was massive and quite the workout getting back up! (My leg screamed at me, but I took my time.)

Untitled_Artwork We drove to Oakville and came across Cobble Beach tucked away in one of the many parks we visited.

Today: Major heatwave in Toronto. I barely went outside, and the AC has been on allll day.

Ate: The fluffiest and softest Italian bread with slices of honey turkey, mustard, salt, pepper, + a fresh salad kissed with olive oil and balsamic. 10/10

The only things i want to read: are blogs and newsletters.

Watching: New season of The Boys. Homelander is the best villain, right? Oh, and I started watching Bridgerton too. I never wear dresses, but there’s a side of me that admires their sheer beauty on this show. So beautiful!


On this day:
June 18, 2023 Crackling energy