starry eyes

I had one of those perfect, sunny morning walks with Muskoka where everyone I passed on the sidewalk said good morning in this cheerful its-the-weekend type of mood, and it was lovely.

I'm now sipping a Timmies coffee and writing ideas and thoughts in my spiral notebook. Poo is lying next to me, snuggled up and cozy.

One of those ideas was how best to support and showcase people's BMAC, Ko-fi, and Patreon pages on my website.

At first, I wanted to create a separate page for this but I eventually decided to incorporate a tiny emoji (🤩) next to their name on my links page instead. (If you see your name there and I missed your supporter's page, email me!)


Ummmm sometimes you dread the weight of your life and other times it is early morning in april and there are 5 species of birds singing and also the sun is shining through the baby leaves. -sioltach



my fading tulips