• Rooster Poignant memories and thoughts regarding grief. I hope he continues writing more often.

  • C.C. Poet, writer. She writes a monthly zine called Mail Blog.

  • Winnie Lim Her writing really speaks to me. Her posts about struggling with existence and building an online home through a personal website have sparked a creative flame. She's inspired me to do the same!

  • Ru So happy that one of my favorite bloggers is writing again. She mostly writes about tech, in a light, humorous way, without alienating her non-tech readers (ty Ru). I'm a big fan and would follow her writing anywhere.

  • Along The Ray Wandering the planet in his tiny camper. I love seeing his daily photos capturing his new surroundings.

  • Manuel Moreal

  • Wesley's Notebook

  • I love Anhvn's website. She inspires me to cultivate a personal digital home. Also, her site is gorgeous; I love the hidden interactive gems she has on her site too.

  • Nathan Degruchy He mostly writes about tech, but I really enjoy his personal notes.

  • Mataroa Collection sooooo many cool blogs to peruse.

  • Evy's Garden

  • Ithaka I miiiight be obsessed with her blog.

  • Sven Dahlstrand I love his website! Plus, he seems like a nice human being.

  • Mario Villalobos

  • Feelingminus.one

  • 1MB Club

  • Tffb Midnight Pub

  • Blogroll

  • ooh! Directory I Love this new site.


  • Jason Polan is one of my favorite artists. I love his raw and quick drawings made with a pen and notebook. His project of trying to Draw Every Person In NY was cut short as he passed away a few years ago. His work still continues to inspire me.

  • I love Chelsea Granger's art. Her oracle deck Dirt Gems is magical, and you should check it out. She also writes about death and grief, which I found helpful after losing my partner. She spent one year mailing a monthly paper journal/newsletter to a few subscribers after losing her mom and close friends.

  • Indiana Hoover I love his simple pencil sketches and the way he renders portraits.

  • Kate Bingaman-Burt Artist, zine maker, and teacher.

  • Shawn Eisenach I just discovered his website, and I instantly fell in love with his work and barebones website. Love it allll. His zines look amazing...I need to grab one.


  • iknowbilly is a long-time zinester. He's been writing zines forever in the ol cut and paste style I love and appreciate. He writes a monthly paper newsletter The Desert Sun, amongst all his other zines, including the famous Behind The Zines series which is published twice a year.

  • Izalixe Straightheart hails from Montreal, and her zines are usually written on a typewriter in a cut-and-paste style. She chronicles her life and often travels back and forth between Vancouver and Montreal. She's a huge hockey fan, has a penchant for thrift finds, and makes vlogs on Youtube.

  • Twenty Two Zines Zine reviews, tarot cards, small press love, and thoughts on creativity.

  • Small Zine Volcano You can buy a shit load of zines for freeee! You only pay for postage. Buy zines like You by Luke (one of my favs), Friday Night in West Ealing, and Rut Zine by Bianca. These are primarily one-page zines from Australia. I love the idea that one page can become a small publication. Very cool.

  • Sticky Institute

  • Echo A DIY feminist zines + comics.

  • Seagreen Zines Zine adoration station.

  • Liz Mason has been self-publishing for over 20 years. She manages the famous Quimby bookstore in Chicago and writes fun zines like Caboose, Awesome Things, and Cul-de-sac.

  • Anna Jo Beck Artist and zine maker

  • Wasted Ink Zine Distro