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TikTok released their generative AI Symphony Avatars (!!!) It's wild. She looks so real. I won't pretend to grasp the entirety of AI's impact because I need to read more about it. All I know is I was overcome with deep dread and resistance when I saw that this morning. Also, Apple will be implementing its own AI with the next update? Idk.

There's something a little sad about all of this. It makes me want to cherish and appreciate the human touch with art and writing. I like seeing the flaws and mistakes within a piece of art.

I want to see more analog art attempts. Handwriting. Tangible precious things made with hands. Also leaning towards buying original art pieces from an artist rather than a print.

I want something real.


sketchbook sesh this morning while listening to a podcast

I read Alice's post yesterday, and I've been thinking a lot about it. She writes:

...frequent topics in my brain: shame, social media, being child-free, body image.

Me too. I constantly struggle with all of these things. Especially with body image. How do I unlearn this shame about my body?

And, yeah, social media. It creates a lot of anxiety for me. Even replying to very nice people...I overanalyze everything I write...am I being clever enough? does this sound stupid? (this is probably my social anxiety rearing its ugly head). It's kind of exhausting and performative.

It's to the point that perhaps writing on this blog and my email letter is enough. Exchanging emails with people is enough. Slow communication might be the ticket.

But sometimes, a part of me misses the friendly interaction and low-energy effort of a quick like. Of being seen by other like-minded people. I'm not sure what the middle ground is for me.


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