I read a quote on Anhvn’s recent blog post that you should write as if you're texting someone. I like that. Sometimes, when I sit at the kitchen table and open my laptop to write, the words come out stiff. I want more off-the-cuff musings and in-the-moment feelings—letting the emotional chips land where they may.


Yesterday was a hard day. Email battles between my dad's wife and the rest of the family. Tensions were high and everyone was stressed and scared for my dad's future. My dad has been in a lot of pain, and his painkillers aren't doing the trick. He can't sleep; he can't eat. It's heartbreaking to watch, and it's tearing me up that I can't do anything for him. Life is fucked.


I was trying to capture the fog this morning on our trail walk. Fog, it’s so moody—I love it.

A few things...

A Million Miles Away
Space Song
Tinseltown Swimming in Blood
We Were Never Lost