D e c e m b e r


  • Wednesday It was fun to watch...although for Tim Burton...I expected more weird stuff. Gwendoline Christie stole the show; love her.

N o v e m b e r

Thinking about

  • I still think Adam Driver’s best performance was on Girls.

  • I caught myself thinking about starting a Substack newsletter, but then I would feel like every time I wrote something, I'd be bothering people?? I’d feel weird about my tiny life updates dinging someone's inbox. Idk. Plus, there's a certain freedom in the obscurity of a tiny blog hiding amongst the vast web.

  • Blot—a blogging platform with no interface??? Very cool.


  • Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. I reread this book every now and then, esp in the winter for some reason. I love it, and it makes me daydream of taking off into the wilderness (minus the dying alone part, obv). Is happiness only real when shared?

  • This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web by Jeff Huang.

  • Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. It’s a supernatural series with one of my favorite slow-burn love sagas thrown in. Most of the time, I find the romance portion in novels poorly written. Over-the-top feelings of love after just meeting the person is annoying and a real turn-off. But this book…gahhh…Moning gets it right.

  • I Write My Best Poems In My Notes App: A Divorce Backwards by Brittney Uecker


  • Palm Springs Milioti was so good in this one.

  • Shantaram. I'll be honest, I started watching this show because of Hunnam. I miss SOA! It feels like I'm watching Jax play an English guy, lol (I was shocked to find out he's actually from England). Anyway, we shall see how it goes.

  • I tried Triviaverse on Netflix. Wow. I’m not the smartest cookie in the bag. It’s still addicting though!!

  • On my day off yesterday, I watched The Quiet Place, and The Quiet Place 2. It’s been a while since I watched a horror?/thriller. I loved it! I love watching John in anything he does, and Emily is just a gem. Watching horror flicks (which I hardly do, but maybe I should??) has the unintentional effect of relieving stress. Have you ever felt that way? The high intensity of some scenes, followed by the quiet lulls…it’s almost like a stress regulator. Is this why people love horror???

  • The Bear. Whoa. Every episode felt jacked-on speed. It was a chaotic mess, and I missed watching Jeremy White.

  • Watching the last three seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond. It's a comfy show, but some of the writing is a bit cringe in today's cultural landscape.

O c t o b e r

Thinking about

  • Sad to see one of my fav bloggers, Ru, taking an indefinite break from writing on her blog.



  • A Trip to Infinity I love docs like this. I wish I had the brains to be a particle physicist.

  • Love is Blind S2 I never said I had impeccable taste. I needed something light and fluffy after watching Breaking Bad.

  • Fate: The Winx Saga S2 I liked S1 better but this season is still entertaining.

  • I finally started watching Breaking Bad. Walt's big C triggers my health anxiety, but I'm now on episode 6 and entirely hooked. Update: So I finished the whole thing. Ugh. It was hard to watch the ending crumble like this. Walt is a shit person, and I feel bad for Jessie. Not my fav show.

  • Morbius. I liked it. I can't believe Jared Leto is 50...He still looks very, very good. I liked how their faces changed to bat-like features instead of your typical vampire.

  • I watched four episodes of Dahmer at my friend's house last night, and I'm not even sure I can watch the rest of it on my own. My sister and her husband finished it in one day, but I don't know... it's literally my worst fear. Peter's performance is creepy as hell! Update: So I finally finished it. It's so fucking sad. Those poor young victims, and their parents. And for Dhamer's parents too. That scene where his dad pulls him aside before he gets taken off to jail...confessing his guilt was heartbreaking to watch. And Gacy, geeze, people are scary and I never want to leave my house again.

S e p t e m b e r

Thinking about

  • I've been reading about the small web and wish I knew how to code a small personal website. I got a kid's book on coding, so we'll see how that goes

  • There's this line between journaling for yourself and publishing on the web that I always struggle with—how personal is too personal? I wrote a bit about that here.


  • Last Night at the Casino Vol 1 by Billy McCall. A compilation of all his zines about working at the Casino. The stories! Such a great read, also, I never knew how hard it was to be a dealer.

  • Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Your thoughts literally become your reality. I love stuff like this.

  • I've been falling in love with the idea of making a personal website as a refuge and a place to document the everyday. I found this post that Anh wrote, explaining how she loves her website, (which I adore as well).

  • Winnie Lim is writing about how she loves her website too...and It's all so inspiring!

  • Take care of your blog by Robin Rendle


  • Only Murders in the Building. I love this show. The opening song is catchy for some reason, and both Martins are hilarious.

  • Paper Girls I wanted to like this show, but the characters seem forced? I love sci-fi, but the acting in this show is just terrible. Some good tunes, though, esp when Mac and her brother start jamming to Danzig in the car. Nice.

  • Still re-watching Vampire Diaries, I'm on season 2. Why are re-runs so comforting? I do the same thing with The Office.

  • Watching reviews about zines is very relaxing before bed, like this one from Zineville


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