Lines and scribbles

I had big plans for this morning.

I was going to do some journaling, then start looking for a new place…again. But I decided to spend some time in my sketchbook instead because I’m the queen of procrastination!


Just random lines and scribbles with no goal in mind. Just getting lost on the page with some favorite pencils and inks…


The noise in my bedroom was unbearable again last night. The constant churning of that damn fan on the roof is obviously malfunctioning. (The buzzing and humming in the living room is no better). Wtf am I going to dooooo?? The rent prices keep escalating to preposterous amounts.

I spoke with my aunt yesterday about possibly moving back to Winnipeg…the rent is so cheap there! That idea was quickly squashed after she sent me a pic of the newly fallen snow outside her apartment window.


A couple of botanical snaps from around the block this morning:



I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this blog. Is it to write into the void, marshal my thoughts, or pursue creative ideas? I’m not sure yet. The only way to figure it out is to try different things and see where it takes me.

Ps. a few things I’m watching and reading here.