hot temps & letters

Is it weird that it's almost too hot out already? Yuk. I'm def a colder-temperature kind of gal. Middle-of-the-day hot temps are too much...early mornings or late evenings and nothing else.

Spent this morning doing some drawing, drinking lots of cold coffee, and putting out my new PencilBooth letter. I'm happy with it! Looking forward to spending more time over there :))

I'm still playing Fallout and getting the hang of it. It was frustrating at first, but after K showed me a few tips, it's been a more pleasurable experience. I'm also playing Unpacking, which is super cute and relaxing.

I watched Unfrosted last night, and it was meh. The cast was heavily star-studded, but it fell kind of flat for me. idk. Have you seen it?

In my ear on my walk today.

Hope you're having a cozy Tuesday:)