Peaceful feeling

Gorgeous morning. Coffee is being sipped. Art is being made. Kind of feel like I want to get out and do something today. Maybe take in a patio beer with a friend, some good convo, and a few laughs.

Not sure what's happening with this one. It slid off course in the middle of it, and I tried to save it, but idk.


I might try it again in a different way/pattern. Usually, when I start drawing, I have no idea where it's going. I listen to music and just go with it...doodling away until it becomes a thing.

I'm running out of ink. Maybe I should pop into the art store today.

Not much on the radar today. Just kind of taking it easy. A peaceful feeling.

:)happy sunday

Shrapnel -Hana Eid
Runaway -Mr Little Jeans