Email comrades

One of my favorite daily bloggers Ithaka is retiring her blog (as of today), and even though it makes me sad to see her hang it up, change is inevitable and often necessary. Over our email exchanges, I've discovered a peculiar synchronicity between our similar experiences over the last few months.

Our convos have made me think about serendipitous email friendships and the timing of life. Over the last year since I started blogging, I've met so many like-minded individuals over email that have become veritable friends. I've written about how I love email before, and I will probably forever circle back to this sentiment.

One of my Bear Blog neighbors and newest email comrade, Steve, gave me a little shout-out this morning on his blog and provided some thoughtful input on my private posts situation over email. Ty Steve! (btw I read Tiramisú too:))

I've met a few other cool people, too, lately...like Matt (hi!), who has been blowing my brains out with his music and radio recs and introducing me to genres I've never listened to before. And Maria from Spain (allo!), who also likes Plath. I always look forward to hearing from her. <3

Here's to happy-accident email friendships, shared curiosities, and personal blogs.