Summer blooms, private posts, and three days off

Happy Sat bloggo friends:))

It's been a busy few days in my neck of the woods. But I have three full days off to squander as I please, and it feels fantastique!

Here are a few summer blooms from the past few days:




Muskoka has been going through some changes in his senior dog years. He seems to be having night terrors or something. Every time I turn the lights out now, he starts shivering, pacing back and forth (more so if it starts raining), and basically acting more anxious about everything.

I talked with the vet, and she put him on Prozac (!!!). He's been on it for one week now, and I don't see much difference, but she did say it would take close to a month to see any improvement. Poor little thing.

Update on the newsletter I've been pondering over: not sure if it's the right avenue for me. The thing is, is that most people are newsletter fatigued.

Plus, I like to blog whenever the mood strikes, which is usually daily (life permitting), and I'm not sure what I could provide in those emails that would be much different from what I write here on this blog.

I was chatting with my friend, and he suggested providing private posts on Buy Me a Coffee/Ko-fi, or something like that, where it's more low-key and not as intense as popping in people's email inboxes all the time. I do like this idea.

But what would l write in these private posts? Good question. There's much to be determined! How much more private can I write about that I don't already share here? idk. Maybe it will just be posts/pics/thoughts that I don't share elsewhere.

Is it icky to want to make some extra coffee money through blogging? There are people who are turned off by it, I suppose.

I do support a few indie bloggers/artists monetarily, either through Substack or Patreon, and look forward to the things they share, though. Who knows!

Do you support any bloggers/writers?
What platforms are these writers using?
Would you rather support your fav writers by subscribing to a newsletter or on a platform like Ko-fi/Buy Me A Coffee?
Am I living out in space thinking that this is a viable thing at all? lol

Don't be shy!! Email me and let me know!

A new zine from Billy. This one is all about him traveling with his gf and how he still uses analog maps instead of relying on GPS.


AJ and I don't use GPS when we travel. That's why we don't mind when we get lost. We get lost every time we travel, and it's okay. Frustrating at times, but that's okay too. It's all part of the adventure for us


He's one of the writers I support on Patreon btw ;)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your Sat, and to all my Canadian friends...happy loonnng weekend:))

Coming Down -Dum Dum Girls. By tomorrow I'll be leaving, If you want to tell me something, You had better make it strong, 'Cause I think I'm coming down...

Not In Love -Crystal Castles, Robert Smith. Won't give you my heart, No one lives there anymore....