ziney weeny

Got the new Behind The Zines #16 yesterday, and its theme is: Zines Saved My Life. I can relate to the feeling of creative pursuits, (especially its community), bolstering a sense of purpose in life.



I love zines. I've written a lot of one-pagers over this past year.

I've left some in little libraries scattered around my neighborhood, the laundry room, and given a few to some friends here and there.

Do I feel like I belong to the zine community? I'm not sure. Have I made enough of them to be considered a zinester? I feel like I read them more than I make them.


Even though I adore zines, I love blogging in equal measure. I love the immediacy of being able to blog your heart out on a whim and the wide net it casts on finding other potential bloggers. Both mediums extract divergent aspects of creativity, and I cherish them both deeply.


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