Whole wheat toast

I received some zines from Shawn Eisenach yesterday, and they blew me away! I love his style.


I stayed up late last night and devoured them all.


A chaotic stream of consciousness with tiny words strewn throughout.

His drawings are detailed yet hold a certain impulsive energy that encapsulates fleeting moments and ideas so well.


His art makes me think of Pink Floyd for some reason.

I love that he uses black ink, and the pages he chose are slightly gray inside, which sets off the bold covers with a pop.


My favorite is the Quarantine zine, which are drawings from his sketchbook from Feb 29th, 2020, to Dec 31, 2020.

I love that he scans his work from his sketchbooks and turns them into zines; it inspires me to do the same with my personal work.



You can purchase his zines at Wholewheattoast.com


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