weights, links, and letters

How do I best share bookmarks I come across via my internet travels? Do I continue to scatter them in posts, sprinkled here and there? Or do I make one colossal link post every week? I like to consume links in small batches, so maybe I'll continue sharing them as I have been.

Oh, the things I think about lol.



neighborhood delights


they know they're pretty

I've been working on my Pencil Booth letter, and let me tell you, it's an absolute pleasure to write on that platform. Everything is so clean, simplistic, and easy-peasy. Plus, I love discovering new artists' blogs on there. Fun :)

These weekly-ish love letters will be about new art shop updates, sketchbook peeks, zines, lists, links, and other special things ❤︎ Whatcha waiting for? Sign up! ;)

Another fascinating tidbit is that I bought 5-pound weights bc this gal needs to incorporate some healthy habits and build some luscious muscles. 💪

Happy Monday 🐝

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