Under time

The rain/wind is messing with my wifi.

My tv went out and stopped working, so I have now resorted to watching things on my iPad. (Why my iPad is working and not the tv, I have no idea)

Watching Mae Martin: SAP, and it’s hilarious. I almost choked on my sushi dinner...needed a good laugh today.

I read a blog post from Ithaka the other day, and she talked about how most of her posts will eventually be buried under time:

So, now, entirely tagless, whatever doesn’t get read right now will gradually be buried under time. This blog is updated daily; some days, I blogged multiple times, so, it already has close to 365 posts. In 10 years, it will have at least 3650 posts. Many things will be forgotten.

Which got me thinking about how personal blogging is mostly about capturing The Now. No one is interested in digging into the abyss of your blog, which is a freeing perspective.

Write and publish more often; it's only for today.