I need to make a wide, sharp u-turn with my life's trajectory. Time feels tight. Not sure if it's just me wanting to escape the awfulness of these past few months or something more profound.

Maybe a bit of both.

I see people living in campers, perpetually traveling, capturing desert sunsets, and I think this could be a wonderful way to spend a life. I don't want to compare myself to how others live their lives, but I can't help but evaluate my life choices thus far.

What do I want to give back to this world with the time I have left?

3 songs to get you home:

Space bound

Here in Your Bedroom

You Shook Me All Night Long Every time I hear this song now, I think of Jess dancing in her bedroom after Nick finally comes back home. They're def one of my fav tv couples...oh and Jim and Pam, of course. Who can resist Jim's floppy messy hair, cool demeanor, and grand romantic gestures?

I feel a top 10 list of my fav tv couples coming lol. k bye.