Two of my fav Xmas movies

The Family Man

Many people think Nicolas Cage is over-the-top, and they’re not wrong. There’s just something about this movie I love, and I watch it every year. His over-the-topness made this role shine, and Leoni was so loveable. I prefer Cage’s older movies. The ones where he had fucked up teeth and a weirder (higher?) sounding voice. Moonstruck, Raising Arizona, and Peggy Sue got Married; great films. However, come to think of it, Leaving Las Vegas was a masterpiece.


I mean, it’s a classic feel-good movie. I love Zoey. Loved her since Almost Famous: “Look under the bed…it will set you free”.

I haven’t watched any Xmas films yet this year. Maybe I’ll watch The Family Man tonight. Or maybe Die Hard (yes, it’s a f Xmas movie); not sure why I consider it a comfort movie.

On Xmas eve, my sister and I are going to my friend's house to hang out, have dinner and watch Little Women (1994), as she’s never seen it (!!!). Don’t ask me which version I prefer (1994 vs. 2019), as I find both films vastly different; I love them both! It’s so hard to pick a fav Jo or a fav Laurie. I can, however, say I prefer the new Amy. Ahhhh ok, enough!!