Transmuting energy, back-to-work stress, and coincidences

I've been feeling unsettled this week, with myriad thoughts and worries vying for first place.

I return to my less-than-inspiring job next week after being away for six months, and this fills me with sticky-tar dread.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking: Why didn't I try harder to make a living from my creative efforts this whole time? But then I soften and remind myself that I was hit by a car and that learning to walk again and recovering from trauma was a full-time endeavor.

When I'm stressed about one thing, that stress easily spills into other life quadrants, which then feels like a wet blanket over my entire existence. Feelings can snowball pretty quickly.

A few things I've been doing to recenter/inject pleasure:


Deck by Marcella Kroll


Do you believe There are no coincidences? I've been thinking about this concept a lot lately.

The people we meet, the friends we make, the people we fall in love with, the jobs we find, the conversations with strangers that bend us towards new perceptions, the books we stumble upon, the song that temporarily saves us, the movie that bolsters our wilted courage.

No? Is it all random? Meaningless? Or are these things meant to find us, move us, change us, and slingshot us to where we need to be?

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