Tip: don't get hit by a car

So I got the job. But. Just thinking about working there already feels like a prison. The Joe vs. The Volcano florescent lights. The checking-in of 120 people a day. The non-stop ringing phone. The incessant emails. The required plastered customer service smile. The expectation of going above and beyond.

This dreaded feeling is probably not the sentiment you should have before taking a new position. The pay: 23 an hour. Abysmal. How is anyone supposed to live on that? I’m on my own. My rent is close to $2000 a month.

Then, the bills.

Then, the food.

What is going on with food costs??? I got two bags of groceries today: $126.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Also, cherry on top, they’re only giving me two weeks off, and I can only take those two weeks off when the surgeons take their vacations.

Bloody hell.

I talked to my lawyer about getting a stipend. He said he’s trying to see what he can do. But even then. Even if he gives me enough to live on for the next few months, then what?

I still can’t get a regular job because of my leg. I’m not fully healed, and I physically can’t stand on my leg for 8 hours a day, which cuts my job prospects in half.

My future feels like I’m stuck on a soaring zip-line.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve burned through my entire savings. I’m now digging into my line of credit and slowly sinking into debt. Yippie.

Getting hit by a car has completely changed my life.

Not only financially but even in the most basic of bodily movements. I still can’t squat down or sit on my heels. I still can’t run. I still can’t go hiking like I used to or walk longer than a few blocks without my leg hurting.

Tip: Don’t get hit by a car.