tinkering away

Idk why, but New Year's Eve has always felt like the loneliest night of the year. Even if surrounded by other people...perhaps even more so.

Last night: drunk, lonely, alive with my dreams.

I've been trying to shake off that awful feeling all day. Didn't get much sleep, awake most of the night. Thinking. Crying. Crying! I hardly ever cry. Idk. I was in bed, pitch dark, and I could hear the fireworks going off even after 1am, and tears streamed down my cheeks; the floodgates opened up, and everything fell out of me.

Today: reading, writing, feeling a bit better.

Loving messages this morning from the one I love made everything seem right in the world.


I have zero food in the house. I might have to order something yummy to eat for dinner later.

A light dusting of snow last night. Pic from my balcony:


I just made another coffee and have been jotting down some things I want to work on for this blog. I'd like to incorporate a photo diary section. Or should I just post daily photos on Mast? Hmmm.

Also working on expanding and adding to my links page. It's all a work in progress :) I'm enjoying tinkering with my blog today. Feels cozy.

Wishing you all a very cheerful, snug, and relaxed New Year's Day :))