thunderstorms and book clubs

Another severe thunderstorm is brewing. Trees are swaying, and the dog is panting in fear/anticipation.

I've been considering moving my blog home to Pika. Their writing editor is gorgeous, and the new guestbook is super fun...you can draw on it! But idk. The homepage still doesn't support one blog entry after another—which is what I truly want— (not sure what you call this feature in tech land) or embeds. They're still a young company, so maybe I'll just wait to see what they do with it. Plus, in my attempt to move everything over, I'll break every link I have. Research is needed!

A new email letter went out today <3. Hope you like it!

Question: do any of you belong to a book club? Do you enjoy it? Sometimes, I think about facilitating one digitally, focusing on art, zine-making, and writing. Would this interest anyone? I was thinking of adding a section in my email letters discussing non-fiction books on art, zines, and writing and developing ways to implement some of these things in our creative practice. Yay or nay?