The search for the perfect blogging platform

I spent the last few days searching for a simple blogging platform where I could build an online library of experiments. A place to write and share my art and my love of zines/independent publishing. When I stumbled upon this site, I fell in love right away. Simple and clean. A perfect place to just write.

I poked around a bit in the discovery feed and noticed that it mainly comprises developers and tech-savvy people (which I certainly am not).

I feel like I'm back in high school in the cafeteria and inadvertently sat down at the wrong table. Do I belong here?

I know nothing about tech, only that I know what I like when I see/use it. I came from using drag-and-drop websites but couldn't handle how heavy the sites felt. Too many options and bells and whistles...it's like when you have too many options in front of you, you freeze without making any decision. And really, all I want is a tiny catch-all place to store my ideas.

I thought about using WordPress but considering I'm inept in the world of coding, I'm not sure that it would be a good fit. Plus, most of their themes seem clunky and unappealing.

The only close contenders I found were Write.as and Bloggi. I like them both but I think Bloggi's developer has moved on to a new project and isn't adding any new features. I also found paper website which lets you turn your notebook into a website, which is pretty cool, but I prefer typing to handwriting, as my thoughts are faster than my pencil.

I think I found my perfect corner of the internet.