T + V

Received a letter from him yesterday. A handwritten letter ❤︎

My sister walked in the door and held it up, saying: it's from the States.

I stared at her, unblinking, and then my heart imploded.

His letter, an adorable testament to his playful nature, with tiny drawings and other good good things.

Lying in bed last night: folding, unfolding, reading, rereading.

Reaching out to him...

Turning his letter over in my hands.

When you love someone: how long do you wait...how long do you hold out. Forever?

I thought I'd never hear from him again.




That he wrote it with his hand and folded the paper
and slipped it into the envelope and sealed it with his tongue
and pressed it closed so I might open it with my fingers...

-Marie Howe


Mono no Aware—Great Grandpa