staying home this weekend

My bf is going camping until next Tuesday with 20 of his friends. I told him I didn’t feel like going. I’ve met them all once, a few weeks ago, and they’re all perfectly nice but idk, I just didn’t feel like going. Yet I’m sad I’m not going(???).

Idk. I have my period, and I’m crampy, and nauseous? and tired. Camping on my period isn’t my favorite thing. Plus being “on” and socializing non-stop sounds positively exhausting and overwhelming rn.

I want hot baths, quietness, take-out, Bridgerton, and my book.

There’s no service in Awenda, and not talking to him for four days in a row is kind of strange :(


Sketchbook sesh this morning. I’m liking the look of mixing pencils with markers!


Ink will always be my go-to though.


Sent out another Weekly Letter 💌 yesterday, writing about analog pursuits, taking sky photos, and losing a family friend.