Soon We'll Be Dead: Anon

Hello kind folks. Welcome back to another issue of Soon We'll Be Dead.

I'm right in the middle of a three-day long weekend and having the whole day ahead of me to putter around the house, drink coffee, read, and make art, feels like such a gorgeous luxury.

On my internet travels this morning, I came across Chelsea Granger's new book So Many Ways to Draw a Ghost and decided to purchase it. She's one of my favorite artists, and her work around grief and death really helped me when I lost my partner.

Her words are comforting, and her art is exquisite; I'm in awe of her work.

If you're struggling with grief/the loss of a loved one, I'd like to point you to her free resource page on her website. Most of the links and recommendations on that page have made their way to her new book and have helped me in myriad ways over the years.

I talked to my dad on Saturday, and his energy and spirits were up, which felt encouraging. I'm still sick with a cold, so I can't visit him this weekend, but hopefully next weekend will be ok.

Wishing all of you a week filled with creative energy✨



Art and book by Chelsea Granger



Do you have a website, blog, socials?


Are you scared of death?


What do you think happens to us when we die? Where do we go?

I think our spiritual self stops being. Our physical self is borrowed from the universe, anyway.

Do you have a sense of purpose in life? What were you put on this Earth to do?

I think we should all leave Earth better than we found it.

What makes a meaningful life?

Doing things that make you happy. Doing things that make others happy. And being kind.

What would you regret the most if you were to die today?

Not being honest 100% of the time. Not having said the things I kept in my head to people. But maybe it's fine, too, you know? The world will go on. If it was important enough, I'd have said it. I sometimes think I'm scared of saying these things because of past trauma, but I wish I wasn't.

How do you want to be remembered?

Just someone kind who fought for herself to better her life, and she did.

Is it important to you to leave a legacy behind?

Monetary? Yes, for my family. Otherwise? No.

What are you most proud of in your life?

That I choose to be me every day. No matter the consequences for me.

Would you rather be cremated or buried? Why?

Buried. Tradition here is to be cremated, but I want people to be able to visit me after I'm gone and talk to me.

What do you want your epitaph to say?

I'm sorry and thank you.

What would be the worst/best way to die for you?

Worst: anything in the bathroom, shower, pee, etc. Best: I don't know...

What are your five "Bucket List" (for lack of a better term) things you want to do before you die? What things are important to you that you want to experience, learn, or do?

I think I stopped believing in bucket lists. I'd just like to travel the world without the burden of money. Just...a carefree girl going places, taking in sunrises and sunsets.

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