soft immersion

It's been a dark and rainy morning, with wispy breaks of sunshine.

The vet yesterday wasn't overly concerned with Muskoka's lump (yet) and wanted to focus on titrating his anti-anxiety meds first. So, one thing at a time. I hope he levels out soon, for both of our sakes. I need a whole good night's sleep.

Metro is still on strike, so I've been buying food at Wholefoods across the street. Holy moly...$.

I've been in a soaking-up, input kind of mood lately. Books, music, shows...mostly consuming and not feeling a pressing need to output anything. My writing halted; my art too. Consuming vs. production is a seesaw dance, so dry spells rarely unnerves me.

Also, with no tv in the apartment (I watch stuff at night on my iPad in bed), it's been nice to experience moments of quietness with space for daydreaming. My balcony overlooks a grove of trees, and I often sit out there with a drink, watching the birds and other tiny creatures romp around. It's soothing.


minmin 35mm film/experimental

My mother's family will be in town (from France) tomorrow. We're going for brunch, and I will undoubtedly have to practice my French! Being in their presence makes me feel close to my mom (who passed away when I was 15), especially her sister, who embodies much of her soft demeanor. Looking forward to it.


A song you can lay on the floor and listen to...