Sipping my second cup of coffee. Sitting here, staring at the blank screen. Waiting around for the right words.

Capturing thoughts: We think we know what’s going on with other people, but we don’t. Some are a convoluted mess you can spot a million miles away, while others have the best poker face I’ve ever witnessed. Emotional fearlessness is perhaps my best and worst feature. If I’m sad, you’ll see it. If I’m happy, you’ll feel it. If I like someone, they’ll know it.

Tastes, obsessions, hobbies, likes, and dislikes are in constant flux, a rolling progression of the self.

As we get older, there are fewer beginnings, and we slow-slide into inevitable endings. Is it courage or stupidity that propels us to start over again and again?

I'm too intense for some, too ambivalent for most.

Crimson and Clover -Pom Pom Squad
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