Should I find a new blogging home?

Did a bit of drawing this morning. Butterflies on the brain, I guess. Transformation, change, morphing into something new, and unconnected.



I've been toying with the idea of moving blogging homes. Idk. I'm even thinking about going alllll the way over to Substack; I know...kind of intense over there.

The only problem is that my writing isn't Substack-y. haha. I mean, really, my writing leans on the ridiculous. I'm not sure I could write a proper personal essay...or want to? Kind of rigid and formal...they all speak Substack language over there. But...still, there’s something pulling me in that direction .

Should I move there???

Geeze Louise.

Yes, this is what occupies my mind, instead of dealing with the reality of my life.

Ultimate fantasy: To have a daily-ish blog about absolutely nothing, where I showcase my mediocre art, dish about the music I like, show people the zines I'm reading, and get paid for it. Voilà! Is that asking for too much universe!!!!

What about Patreon? Idk. All these sites make my face/nose scrunch up.

I need a change, yet I don't know how to implement it. I need to do more self-research, or jump in the deep end and see how it feels.

I'm a disgusting cliché. How do I become interesting again?