Sat morning

It’s snowing again…and exceptionally frigid out. I’m glad I’m working from home today.

A tiny view from outside my living room window:


Sipping some coffee and reading another book from Liana Finck. She’s a brilliant illustrator, and i love her.


My dream would be to write and illustrate a book one day! 💭

Tmrw, I’ll be heading over to my friend's house for her bday dinner/hang out. I couldn’t have asked the universe for a better friend than her. I’m beyond lucky to have her in my life.

I spoke with my dad the other day, and he told me he was worried about me (financially).

He said it’s hard for him to move on from this world, knowing I’m not taken care of.

This made my heart hurt. It crushes me that he feels this way. Am I a disappointment to him?

My sister is married, and her husband has a great job with TTC…so this makes living in Toronto a bit easier for them.

It’s been five years since my partner passed away and I’m not sure if I’ll ever find someone to connect with again.

Perhaps I’m not making it a priority to meet someone. I guess I’d have to leave the house more often lol.

I do like being on my own though, with my doggo, working on various projects, reading, watching shows, etc. Being free.


Sometimes, it would be nice to share bits of my life with someone.

I don’t know. I'm rambling at this point...just thoughts.