Same same

2020 is over, but remnants of pandemic life still persist. I still work from home. I leave the house to walk the dog, run a few errands, and see a few friends/fam here and there.

My days feel stationary.

Working from home has its perks of course: no bossy colleagues/micromanaging managers, not having to board packed busses or wait for trains that are never on time, changing out of your pajamas and into your daytime joggers, using the bathroom in your own house, the midday bath, the midday jerkoff, going for long walks with the doggo, and taking frequent breaks on the couch with snacks and a show.


It’s lonely. I feel stuck in a revolving door of sameness. I need to make more of an effort to seek out outdoor activities and see more people. Now that my fear of catching covid is at an all-time low (I’ve had it twice now), I can finally start integrating back into a closer state of "normalcy".