questions, comments, and a bulletin board

Q: Is there a way to "talk" to other bloggers on your own website? I know of Webmentions, but that seems kind of complicated to me. Can I even implement this on Bearblog? Are there other ways to do this?

I simultaneously want/don't want comments on my blog.

Want: bc I want to connect more with others.

Don't: what if someone leaves a mean comment? Anxiety and tears would no doubt ensue, and I would think about it for the rest of eternity.

When I visit a blog I like, I sometimes wish I could leave a little hi, or lol on a certain thing they wrote. But most blogs don't have a comments section anymore. Also, if they do have a comments section, I get shy? and end up writing nothing. Welcome to my brain.

I love emails. But some days, I don't have the spoons to write a full email when all I really want to say is hey...I love what you wrote, or I like the photos you took. You know?

Q: If I link to someone's blog, will they always see this? Or do you need some type of analytics to see who exactly visits your site?

Pls forgive my tech-illiterate ways, i know not what I'm doing.

Bulletin Board 🪩

I love what you wrote:

instead of always feeling so hesitant because i feel so weird, i am just going to focus on being the fullest version of myself.

I love this. This is something I'd like to work on. Thank u, Winnie:)


moon photo out the car window


these flowers have lived a very satisfied life. I promise.


"soulmates aren't just lovers"


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