q's + vids

It's mid-morning, the coffee is strong, and I'm enjoying email correspondences with a few bloggo friends.

Morning q's: My best ideas come to me while walking or in the midst of new scenery...how can I replicate this as I'm sitting in bed? How do I create a space full of novelty that allows my mind to jump and skip in wonder without ever leaving this room? Conundrum.



Fell asleep watching Seinfeld last night.
George: "I don't want hope. Hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless. When you're hopeless, you don't care. And when you don't care, that indifference makes you attractive.
Jerry: So hopelessness is the key.
George: It's my only hope.


CRAVING: French toast + espresso while sitting in a small dive-ish café.


Fuckin' Problems—Cut Down Clay
I love bad bitches that's my fuckin problem
And yeah I like to fuck I got a fuckin problem