Pinned message

I went to text someone this morning and saw my dad's tiny picture pinned at the top of my phone messages.

I stared at his face.

I was trying to think about the last time I texted him or what it entailed…but I didn't check.

I put the phone down.

I sat on the couch, imagining what he'd tell me about these last few weeks.

He'd prob say: Ronnie, stop wasting your time on things you can't change, and take your head out of the clouds. Buck up. Focus on your priorities. Get a grip!

I'd probably get mad that he was being insensitive and tell him he didn't "get me."

I know you better than you know yourself he'd say.

And to finish things off, I'd ping-pong him back my famous eye roll as if I was still a teenager subjected to one of his lectures.

Love you, pops.