Paper Talismans

Sometimes I fall into the thought-trap of wanting someone else to tell me what to do. Because it feels easier. Less risky. Comforting almost. From reading self-help books, gleaning tips from IG/TikTok therapists, taking advice from friends/fam, or listening to podcasts. Always searching for answers outside of myself.

How did this lack of self-trust develop? How do I unlearn this avoidance of looking inward?

Yesterday was an emotional day. I couldn't pull myself out of a tornado of negative thoughts, and by the end of the day, I was exhausted. Feeling a bit better today, although lingering self-doubt and anxiety are still lingering on the sidelines.

I spent the morning making some pocket talismans. Drawing allows me to settle, relax, breathe, and still my mind. It's a kind of making-meditation that brings me back to center.


Inner Magic




I fell asleep last night watching someone restore a Yellowed Apple Keyboard. He also restored this Junk Nintendo DS Lite. I could watch this forever; it's so soothing.