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Tragedy happens when you send someone a song, and they don't get it.

Last night, I had a long phone convo with a buddy of mine, discussing certain song meanings. It's wild that everyone has their own interpretations. Take, for example, Dive by Nirvana. He told me it was about being bullied at school. WHAT? Are we listening to the same song? Hard no. It's clearly sexual! Pick me, pick me, Dive in me, kiss this, kiss that, you can be my hero... Their most sensual song for sure. How could anyone misinterpret it?

Science fiction to you, documentary to me. Tomato, tamahto. Bizarro, for sure.

I'm on my third cup of coffee. I've been up since the absurd hour of 6 am. Why in the skies do the gods loathe me?

Tumblr trash, but also, the unicorn of mornings: vmb