Our stories matter

Just over a week ago, I wrote about wanting to be part of a coterie of writers.

And lo and behold, synchronicity has taken hold.

As soon as you commit internally, the Universe seems to reciprocate externally. It's bizarre how life moves.

I had the best email exchange this morning with a bloggo friend (hi Lili!), and we shared our thoughts on what it means to be brave on the page. Like I mentioned to her, there are still so many things that I don't write about. I'm still ashamed of certain topics, but reaching for this bar of vulnerability is a continual commitment and work in progress.

This is why I love personal blogs and zines. The traditional lit world hardly holds space for every experience. But unleashing our wounds/experiences/thoughts is a subversive and rebellious act. And writing about the parts of ourselves that we deem grotesque releases us from our lonely captivity.

Our stories matter.


So, my journey with Bandcamp is well underway. I've been in a metaphorical candy shop, discovering so many new artists. I've wanted to buy a few albums already, but the shipping costs from the States is kind of astronomical. I might purchase a few here and there, but I need to source a record shop close to home. Thinking of checking out Sonic Boom, an online record store in Toronto.

Molina's album, Confront the Truth, is mayyybe like 10 minutes long. It's reminiscent of the 60’s/70s era. Soft, beautiful and reflective. His other albums aren’t as soft…they lean more weezer-ish? Idk, still exploring.

This song from Nicky Wire is on repeat... I'm always staring at the sun, it helps me believe your love lives on

Oh hey...
Do you sing and play bass? Do you live in Brussels? Then check this out... Lavender Witch is looking for a singer and bassist for their feminist band!

Today is the last day to submit to Zines and Things Journeys. If you have any comics, poems, short stories, or essays, submit something!!! I'm kicking myself for not writing about this earlier, but if you have something on the ready, go for it. ✨