other side

Late-night talk yesterday with a new friend. He asked me to put together my top ten albums and pick a couple of songs from each. An impossible task. A fool's errand! How do you pick only ten albums across myriad genres and decades?

I know what he's doing. He's trying to keep me busy, which I appreciate. Challenge accepted!

Finally got a new battery for my guitar tuner.


Can't help but think of my dad when strumming this guitar. Throughout my life, he always had a guitar on his lap, plucking away. Such comforting memories.

Retro movie watch list for the week:


Vincent Van Gogh, 1885

Emotional choice > emotional binaries
Present thinking > Positive thinking?

What if I'm never the same after all this? What's on the other side of this prolonged in-between stage? The Transitional Hermit Quarter.

Mood: Fuck this self-induced room of yearning and pain I've been living in.

Loving: Cocooned in hours of playlists made by friends, old and new. It's keeping me sane.


Pretend We're Dead—L7

Hell With You—Last To Die ugh, so good
Let the man you made die
Throw my feelings to waste
Forget my name
And I'll forget your face