On repeat

It's another winter wonderland over here and the morning walk was marvellous.




Did some scribbles again with a cup tea while listening to a podcast. (My very fav thing to do in the morning on a day off).

A little angel/fairy? sitting on clouds ☁️


I’ve been trying to hang out on Mastodon again lately but idk. I’m still undecided if I like being there. Are any of you hanging out there? Come say hi if you are:)

I’m still waiting for Tumblr to incorporate ActivityPub because I do prefer hanging out there the most. There’s more art! (Minus those annoying daily bots though, sheesh). And it feels like it’s just me yelling into the void with zero pressure.

Although lately, all socials seem to be zapping the last gasps of energy I do have. We shall see.

A few songs on repeat lately:

🎧oh baby

🎧past lives

🎧flying :))

🎧you went away

🎧guitar man

⚠️Caution: a couple of these songs are extremely poppy—sorry. Also, I’m on a quest to see how I can listen to music without using Spotify anymore. I’ve been thinking about buying a record player.