Notes 06

  1. The Observer: UFOs, conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, & high strangeness. You can subscribe to their digital newsletter or email them to get a print copy.
  2. Latest obsession: Dolores Forever. Two songs: Conversations With Strangers and Funeral
  3. An Internet map Diagram Website
  4. Before I die: I need to see the Nothern Lights...and eat a croissant at a tiny packed café in Paris.
  5. This website is beautiful, charming, and whimsical.
  6. I went for a haircut yesterday, and it was a—disaster. I asked for a trim and some long layers. She gave me a short, almost bob and too-short psychotic layers. Whyyyyyyyyy does this always happen :/ During the panini (and two years afterward), I cut my own hair following a YT vid. Maybe I should revert back to this. (cry)
  7. Have you ever used a CBD or THC bath bomb? I haven't, but I think I might try one of them tonight. We shall see.
  8. vmb


  1. I've been falling asleep watching Melts lately. There's something so soothing about it.
  2. Loved this blog post on creative pursuits by Anh. It's inspiring me to write a list, too.
  3. I stumbled on another cool blog by Elisabeth. I love it!
  4. German mother helping her daughter move lol and is it ever a mutual break-up?

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