Notes 05

  1. You > everyone

  2. vmb


  1. Victim of introspection (?)

  2. Kiss Goodnight-I Don't Know How But They Found Me

  3. Likes: Winter. French Vanilla ice cream. Trail hikes with the doggo. Handwritten letters. Old jeans + white tee. Forehead kisses. Subtle films. Mixtapes from your crush. Tucked-away camping spots. Dry-humping makeout sessions (it’s underrated). Baseball game pretzels. Nighttime crickets. Loud-music car rides. Men's hands/forearms. Women's legs. Camus. Kerouac. Tiny blogs. Emails from pals. All-consuming TV shows. Slow missionary with lots of eye contact + kissing. Someone who replies fast and doesn't leave you on read. Rollercoasters. Head back, laughing fits with your buddies until your stomach hurts. Zines & Small Press. French bread + brie. Having an unintentional "this is our song" with someone.

  4. Dislikes: Mean-spirited sarcasm. Time. Condescending jerk-offs. Endings. Being misunderstood. Rejection. Passwords. Meaningless work. Wobbly restaurant tables. Being punished with silence. Trying on bathing suits. Lonely nights. Making decisions. Losing people slowly. Too-hot weather. Waiting for an answer.

  5. vmb