Notes 03

  1. Music and comics? Yes, please. Random Thoughts - The Sky Won't Fall?

  2. Seen vs. Unseen "life clubs." A shared belonging. Want to write about this in more depth.

  3. Boundaries, intuition, manifestation, alignment, self-connection. A self-published book by Rachel Howe vmb

  4. Films To Be Buried With by Benji.dog. I love his blog, and also, I need to listen to that podcast now.

  5. Zineopolis by Jackie Batey. I'm in zine heaven. A plethora of zine reviews!

  6. Pagy. A Notion-ish website builder? Kinda cool. I'm forever intrigued by new blogging platforms/online homes.

  7. Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born -Anäis Nin

  8. When I share things with you, and you like them...that is my love language.

  9. Ways to support the artists and writers you love: buy their work, commission them, pom-pom their work on your blog or wherever you hang out online, buy their zines and books, subscribe to their offerings, share their work, and brag about them with your friends/fam ❤︎

  10. Relishing the process of small beginnings.

  11. Happy Friday:)) Hug your friends, and tell them you love them. vmb

Sandy West and Joan Jett