Nostalgia and other things

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  • Back-to-school nostalgia is hitting hard this year
  • Pumpkin season is almost upon us and this is a good thing
  • I saw a majestic hawk perched on a low branch on my walk the other day, I’ve never seen one so up close before!
  • Getting used to my new neighborhood...found a new yummy breakfast spot called Sophie's. My favorite thing is they serve coffee in these old cottage cups and it’s the coziest thing
  • My dad thought he had the big C, but it turned out to be h.Pylori which is a nasty parasite that half the people on this planet have but might not be aware of
  • Taking an Oat Combination herbal tincture for stress/anxiety relief. It has Oat, Passionflower, Motherwort, and Skullcap. (It also helps with menstrual pain)!


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  • I'm re-watching The Vampire Diaries allll the way from season one. It's one of my comfort shows and I need a lot of comfort right now so please don't judge! Damon is still my fav.


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