Just ordered a zine pack from Small Zine Volcano and drinking my third? cup of coffee.

Reading a couple one-page zines from Patch. These zines were in another pack I ordered and for the life of me I can’t track this writer down. No email, website or anything. A mystery!


Going to hit up the trails soon with the doggo and see a movie later on tonight with a friend. A perfect day indeed.

Early morning walk. I love how everything is so green and lush right now. A pleasure to the senses: vmb

I didn’t realize I was watching the season finale of Yellowjackets last night. Crazy ep!! Next season can’t come soon enough.

Thinking about how a lot of my favorite daily bloggers seem to be hanging it up to dry. Makes me sad. But also, things change. People change. Interests come and go. C’est la vie. A reminder to self to not get so attached to things/people/ideas/ways of being. Life is ever-changing.