Pie in the sky

I’m in one of those moods that if, by a miracle of the Universe, a large sum of wealth just so happened to be bestowed upon me, I would buy a pickup truck and the first cozy cabin I could find up North. The only prerequisites would be that it has a fire pit in the back and be close to a body of water. I wouldn’t be opposed to neighbors; bonus if they liked to gather around the fire at night, go kayaking, fish, and show me all the sweet spots around our lake.

I bailed on the movie tonight. Idk. It would have been the second time around, and I’m just not feeling it. No point in moving things forward if it isn’t there. It's whatever, and that’s perfectly fine.

Having some pomegranate, and it’s bursting with yumminess. I also just finished watching Ladybird. What a brilliant 10/10 film. Saoirse was affecting, and her going to prom with her friend at the end 😭. Chalamet, whom I normally love, played a royal jerk. Her mother’s yellow pad letters…right through the heart.

Sunday night is technically my Saturday night. I’m on the balcony sipping a drink...peaceful night.

Piece of My Heart -Janis Joplin