My frozen hand feels weird

I was at the hospital at 8 AM this morning for minor surgery on my pinky finger (nothing major). My whole hand is still frozen. What a weird sensation. It’s like when your foot falls asleep, but 10X worse. The surgeon wrapped my two fingers together with so much gauze, and the whole thing seemed a bit excessive, but whatever. Wonder when the pain will kick in.

My sister came with me, and we went for breaky afterward. I then decided to bite the bullet and get a new laptop. Another MacBook Air, a black one this time:)) I almost got the rose gold one, but somehow, I thought I’d get sick of the too-sugary color. Plus, the black looks slick. My last one lasted a good 8 years, but as of late, it was getting so slow and stopped syncing, so it was time.

It’s kind of sad because my old laptop is the last thing my ex (who passed away) bought me, and I’m not usually sentimental with things, but idk still feels sad.

I can’t even open it up to play with it yet, though, because….hand! So it’s just taunting me from the kitchen table.

I sent my manager an email telling her I needed a couple of days off. Who knows, maybe by Thursday, I can just type with my left hand, see how it goes. I feel guilty, though, since we just came off a long weekend but didn’t have much choice.

I’m blogging on my phone via voice, not bad. Might watch a few shows, and I just ordered some Thai food.

Annnnd that’s about it.