more of an effort

A vessel popped in my eye (eww), and now the white of my eye is completely red and it's gross, and i feel like a monster :( Do I have high blood pressure in my eye or something? What is going on?

Current listen: Simon and Garfunkel vmb

i love this album

Have you tried Bluesky yet? Not sure if it's for me. Everyone's primary objective there seems to be about being clever and funny, which is fine, i suppose, for entertainment purposes, but i don't feel comfy hanging out there yet. I still like Mastodon, but even that platform isn't 100%.

Maybe socials will never be my thing. It sucks because most of my irl friends/fam are on all the major socials, and i feel like I'm missing out on their lives. My cousin is in Ireland, on a break from working towards her Ph.D., and i didn't even know!

Does it make me want to rejoin Insta and see what Threads is all about? mmmm idk. I never feel good on those types of apps, mental health-wise. Not sure what the answer is. I just have to make more of an effort to reach out to the people i care about through text/email, i suppose.