Miss anxious

Lots of ziney things lately.

First up is a new collab zine by Billy and Drew Prusko.

Drew Prusko, a queer Sri Lankan-American musician, filmmaker, and painter living in Wisconsin with his husband, Frank, is a one-man band called Orange Drink (has there ever been a more punk name for a band?) Love it.

Billy interviews Drew about his participation in Weekly Beats, which is an event where musicians (across all genres) upload a new song every week FOR ONE YEAR!! How cool is that?



Also: The new Desert Sun paper newsletter by Billy was a fun read ↓


Been drinking lots of coffee and wondering when this supposed snowstorm will hit.

Current inner landscape: anxiousness.

About what you ask? Oh, you know, future things I have zero control over, irrational thoughts and fears, wayward feelings, etc. All pulling for first-place attention.

Trying to infuse some calm with a bit of doodling.

Hey..did you know that with every zine I send out in the mail, I doodle one-of-a-kind drawings on the back of the envelope? Use them as bookmarks, or put them on your fridge for a touch of whimsy!


I've had several orders this past week from people all over! Thank you so much for all your support. It really means the absolute world to me <3

I've been working on Monstrous Existence Issue 2...and other analog paper projects, so keep your eyes peeled ;)