Mind palace

It's a rainy day here in Toronto. I spent the morning reading a few blogs, writing in my journal, and preparing a few orders to mail out. It's been a cozy morning indeed.

I added a few more tiny pieces to the shop yesterday:


I hitchhiked across Canada (in my early 20s), from Toronto to Vancouver, and discovered so many gems like Lake Louise; its beauty is burned in my visual memory.



Summer Fields



I wish I may, I wish I might...



Yesterday, a bloggo friend wrote about the uncomfortable feelings of self-promotion. I second his sentiment. Not only do we have to make-the-thing, but then we have to dangle ourselves off a blood-curdling ledge and share-the-thing (!!!).

Making art/writing and sharing it is a continuous cyclical effort of grit and self-belief. To keep going when things feel abysmal, and that inner dialogue of is this worth it? or is this even any good? creeps into your mind palace, takes Popeye level ten defense energy. N'est-ce pas?

Here are a couple of articles that have bolstered my creative spirit lately:




Sidewalk enchantment on my walk yesterday


Ps. I saw a t-shirt on a guy the other day that read:

It's 5am,
It's 5pm,
It's been 5 years.

::Sigh:: lol, but also, do I need this t-shirt?