Welcome to my front and center trifecta: broken leg, the same four white walls, and my fucked up heart.

Tiny rant:
When someone says: It could have been a lot worse, when I'm lying in bed with a broken leg.

Deadpan stare.

Well, yes!, it could have been a lot fucking worse, but isn't this BAD ENOUGH?

It's insensitive, maddening, and invalidates what I'm going through. Try laying in bed in pain for 6-8 WEEKS. I dare you.

People want me to feel grateful (of course i am) that it was only a broken leg. But Christ...don't demand gratefulness out of me right now...who are you to tell me how I should feel.

Go fuck yourself, sweetheart.




Blame Brett—The Beaches
I'll become an asshole
Disguised as a bad girl
I'm only going to treat you bad
I'm probrably gonna sleep around
I wouldn't let me near your friends
I'm only in it for the sex
That's why I'm never gonna love again
Don't blame me, blame my ex