making a living as a writer/blogger

Updated March 18th, 2024

I've been thinking about how to make a living as a writer/blogger without using ads or sponsorships while keeping the internet open.

It's a tough line to balance.

Artists, writers, and makers should and can make a living doing what they love!

For a long time, the idea of making money from my art/writing felt uncomfortable. Maybe there was a touch of imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, and not feeling in league with the high-caliber writers of such publications as Substack, etc.

But that is nonsense.

After getting hit by a car back in September and spending months not being able to walk and being alone with my thoughts, life telescoped down to one thought: life is precarious as hell, and you should do the thing you really really want to do, as soon as you can, and pursue it with explosive determination.

So the wheels started turning. Over the past few weeks/months, I've been talking to fellow bloggers and friends about how they support themselves through their art. One can take many different avenues depending on one's energy level output and comfort level.

After much thought, I've settled on using BMAC as a virtual Tip Jar platform.

If my writing has helped you in any way over the past year if I've pointed you towards new zine makers/artists or made you feel less alone in the world, consider supporting me <3

It would mean the world to me!

There are three monthly tip jar tiers to choose from depending on your financial comfort level: Notes, Diary, and Letters.

This is a continual work in progress as I shift towards new ways of doing things. I'm learning by doing! There's no shame in pivoting if things aren't working.

If you want to show your love and support on a one-time basis, you can do that too here!

**If you have any questions or want to chat about what it means to make a living as an artist/writer (I love talking about this stuff)...email me!

Thank you for reading <3